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Valves, Valves, Valves

SLR's C5 Valve Shop Provides Best-In-Class Safety, Quality, and Speed

ABC's of the AAR

PSC's Steel Line Rail Services has the certifications to meet your needs

Fully-recycled Gaylord Box Liners

PSC's Latest Innovative Sustainability Solution PSC Group is excited to feature one of its latest circularity...

Who is Steel Line Rail Services?

Founded in 2018 by Micheal Henigan, Steel Line Rail Services (“SLR”) is a railcar repair and inspection company based...

PSC Group Opens Advanced Recycling Facility

New Baytown Complex will recycle industrial post-use plastics into customized feedstock material

Foundational Tankerman Operations

Meeting Industry Needs for Coast Guard Licensed Tankermen

Mobile Packaging Units

The Intersection of sustainability and efficient rail fleet management

Rail Switching Safety through Technology

PSC Rail Switching: 10x safer than the FRA average Technology: helping our employees succeed PSC continuously seeks...

Customer-Informed Growth: Railcar Repair

PSC customer demand for safe and efficient rail operations has paved the way for steady expansion of the Railcar Repair...

3 Best Practices to Reduce Risk in Rail Switching Operations

Moving railcars is an inherently hazardous activity. The national average Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) for rail...