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Foundational Tankerman Operations

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Meeting Industry Needs for Coast Guard Licensed Tankermen

Throughout PSC’s history, its on-call tankermen have transferred a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid materials on U.S. inland waterways. PSC’s marine operations have expanded to include other on-call and dedicated dock services alongside the steady growth of its tankerman operations. PSC’s tankermen handle more than 34,000 barge transfers on average each year. They are trained in the safe handling of all classes of refined, chemical and liquified gas cargoes, vapor recovery, firefighting, facility operations and emergency response. Today PSC tankerman groups are strategically positioned in marine transportation hubs throughout the nation’s waterways system, ready to safely load or unload customers’ cargo when it arrives.

PSC’s Investment in Tankerman Certifications & Safety Training

PSC set out to develop training standards that far exceeded industry expectations and met the rigorous requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard. As a result, PSC launched its own training program, the Tankerman Career Academy (TCA). TCA provides U.S. Coast Guard approved on-the-job training in the handling of all classes of refined, chemical, and liquid gas cargoes, vapor recovery, firefighting, facility operations, and a full array of emergency responses offering one-on-one instruction from some of the best and most experienced tankermen in the industry. After the 4-month program, TCA graduates are eligible to apply for a Merchant Mariner Credential with tankerman endorsement. PSC’s TCA program has graduated almost 300 shoreside tankermen, many who now serve in leadership positions at PSC.