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Mobile Packaging Units

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The Intersection of sustainability and efficient rail fleet management


Drying Product

Wet product in railcars is a leading cause of product downgrade and lost revenue for producers. PSC’s MPU technology efficiently dries PE, PP, and PVC pellets and powder allowing you to regain prime pricing. By keeping material in suspension, there is no angel hair and no deformed pellets. PSC can perform this operation on customer plant sites or storage yards.

Combining Partial Railcars

Many plastics plants have partially loaded railcars taking up valuable plant storage while they await to be “topped off,” creating inefficiencies in the overall fleet utilization, rail switching and unforeseen plant bottlenecks. PSC has invested in MPU’s in order to resolve this long-standing problem for customers. Rail switching crews staging like-product railcars adjacent to each other can now contact PSC’s MPU crew to come to the plant and efficiently combine partial loads. The plant can then ship the full cars and wash and re-load the empties.


  • Angel Hair Removal
  • Product Drying
  • Ferrous Material Removal
  • Product Classifying/Screening
  • Transfers/Overloads
  • Transloading
  • Packaging



Chris Lendo

Vice President of Sustainability

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Gene Theriot

Director of Sustainability

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Johnny Toppass

Operations Manager, Sustainability

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