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Fully-recycled Gaylord Box Liners

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PSC's Latest Innovative Sustainability Solution

PSC Group is excited to feature one of its latest circularity initiatives. Every day, truckloads of Gaylord boxes are shipped, but each are now lined with fully recycled plastic film. This sustainable solution reduces waste and showcases PSC Group’s commitment to responsible resource utilization.
Gaylord boxes are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics for the transportation and storage of bulk goods. For PSC Group, that means shipment of our recycled plastic resins. "Not only are the plastic resins we distribute 100% recycled, but we are now creating packaging material from the same recycled plastic," says Adam Gilmore, SVP Sustainability at PSC Group. 
PSC Group collects plastic waste from manufacturing plants in support of our customers' sustainability goals. "This latest initiative demonstrates our work doesn't stop there," adds Gilmore. “This plastic we collect is sorted, cleaned, and blown into film, which is then formed into large bags which line our Gaylord boxes for shipment.”
“Our commitment to creating a fully circular recycling process drives our pursuit of innovative solutions, says Joel Dickerson, CEO of PSC Group.  “We continuously challenge ourselves to find new solutions and promote sustainability in all our operations.”