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Customer-Informed Growth: Railcar Repair

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PSC customer demand for safe and efficient rail operations has paved the way for steady expansion of the Railcar Repair service. We manage repair needs efficiently and seamlessly as part of the overall facility rail operation.

Rail Switching

PSC’s customers are the largest petrochemical and refining companies in the United States - their businesses are complex and always evolving. There are always new problems which provide PSC the opportunity to offer new solutions. As an organization, our growth has been a function of actively listening to our customers, and continuously adapting our services in response.

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Several years ago, our customers began to request PSC perform railcar repair, alongside our traditional rail switching and rail loading services. It turned out the request was resounding across PSC’s customer network and led to rapid growth of the railcar repair service line.

Locomotive Repair

Although our first registered tank car repair operation began in 2010, by 2018 PSC was actively responding to various customer railcar repair needs across our network of operations. Customers reported deficient performance from providers - the root cause was often that the provider could not leverage railcar repair with other on-site operations. Customers frequently mentioned railcar repair employees often didn’t have the correct experience to successfully run the plant quality and safety programs as required. Customers recognized that PSC had critical mass, demonstrated performance, and commitment to accountability, process, and being “the best at what we do.” PSC's ability to leverage existing employee training and process orientation proved to be a great fit to solve many long-standing customer problems in railcar repair.. By early 2020, PSC was operating a network of 12 repair facilities.

Railcar Repair

To ensure performance was consistent, safe, and cost-effective, PSC invested heavily in frontline resources, equipment, and leadership. PSC customers received the same safety and process-driven service in railcar repair that PSC provides in plant operations. The expertise and experience of PSC railcar repair leaders, combined with the knowledge and experience of PSC’s existing leadership, delivered a step-change improvement in the quality of railcar repair service for our customers. PSC now operates 20 repair facilities. Talk to us, or better yet, talk to our customers about PSC railcar repair.

Railcar Repair