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Valves, Valves, Valves

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SLR's C5 Valve Shop Provides Best-In-Class Safety, Quality, and Speed

Tucked away in an unassuming building on East Travis Street in Marshall, TX, sits PSC Group’s Steel Line Rail Services’ (“SLR”) headquarters and its AAR-certified C5 valve shop. This shop plays an integral role in fulfilling the third bullet point of Steel Line’s Mission –“Provide a mobile repair process with safety, quality, and speed which is second to none." 

Safety. Quality. Speed.

Steel Line’s mobile repair crews go directly to your cars in the field to safely uninstall valves in need of repair. Those valves are then carefully transported to Marshall, TX, where the valve repair techs work their magic. Stop in there on an average day, and you’ll find 8-10 technicians with their heads down, diligently shepherding customers’ valve sets through an extensive repair process that consists of seven critical steps.

  1. Initial Inspection

    • All valves are inspected and documented upon arrival to the shop to ensure that you get your valve back.

  2. Disassembly

    • Valves are disassembled from top-to-bottom to ensure all needed repair items are identified.

  3. Reinspection

    • SLR has multiple inspection points along the way to ensure a meticulous repair process in line with its AAR-certified M-1003 quality program.

  4. Cleaning

    • Valves are thoroughly cleaned prior to rebuilding to ensure all potential sources of contamination are removed.

  5. Rebuilding

    • All valves are rebuilt per the manufacturer’s specifications. No shortcuts taken here.

  6. Testing

    • After rebuilding, valves are bench-tested in line with AAR regulations to ensure the repairs were completed successfully.

  7. Quality Inspection

    • Once testing is completed, a final quality inspection is conducted before carefully packaging your valve(s) for transport back to your cars in the field. SLR doesn’t mix and match your valves with another car owners’, nor does it resell used valves. You can count on getting your valve back, and it being repaired as good as new.

SLR’s team of highly trained valve repair technicians are capable of doing 100 car sets per week and can turn a single set around in just two days’ time. After completing the rebuild process, Steel Line’s mobile repair crews transport your repaired valves back to your cars in the field. This end-to-end “white glove” service is designed to minimize the downtime of your railcars, and to provide the utmost care for your equipment at all times.

Railcars play an important role in our nation’s economic and national security strength, transporting essential commodities such as chemicals, refined fuels, and even food products. Valves are perhaps the most critical piece of equipment on a railcar, ensuring that cargos can be safely loaded/offloaded and contained while in transit. When it comes to repairing railcar valves, only certain companies are certified by the AAR to do so. Even then, you don’t just want anyone performing this safety-critical work. You, and the communities your cars roll through, expect someone with the technical expertise, experience, and know-how to perform this work with integrity and reliability you can count on. PSC Group’s Steel Line Rail Services is that company.

For more information about SLR’s valve shop, contact Micheal Henigan (MHenigan@steellinerail.com) or PSC’s Business Development team (PSC.BD@pscgroup.com) today.