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6 Simple Best Practices in Operation Clean Sweep Compliance

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Operation Clean Sweep outlines steps Management should take to control plastic pellet loss during operations, eliminating the potential for plastic to enter the environment. When you perform your site audit, be on the lookout for some easy best-practice opportunities.

  1. Cover your dumpsters when they get too full, they are subject to losses from high wind and during handling.

  2. Segregate plastic dumpsters from other wastethis will maximize the value of your scrap material.

  3. Use sock strainers during railcar washing.

  4. Have a plan for heavy rain days. Activate a “hot-spot” plan with your vacuum truck provider when rain is expected.

  5. Keep outlet caps on the cars whenever the car is not being worked.

  6. Consider waste-to-energy before you assign downgraded material to the landfill.

PSC can help with auditing your site and presenting you a plan to make your site an Operation Clean Sweep Leader.

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